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Bathroom Remodeling

"With an unparalleled attention to detail, design, and planning, we deliver bathrooms that exceed our clients' expectations." - Shawn O'Connor, Owner


"We hired Shawn to remodel the bathrooms in our AUTOLAND showroom. Not only was his estimate accurate, the scheduling timely and his communication professional, but Shawn's eye for design and the quality of the finished bathrooms were top notch. Plus, my staff was impressed at how clean his company kept the workspace and surrounding area every day. I invite you to visit Autoland and see the bathrooms firsthand. I've since hired Shawn to remodel my home. I HIGHLY recommend Shawn and his team."

Mark G. Montenero, President

Remodeled Autoland Showroom Bathrooms

Whether you are looking to remodel an old space or start from scratch with new construction, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Working in both the residential and commercial remodeling markets, we offer our expertise in every aspect of the project. From planning your space to selecting fixtures and tile, O'Connor Construction installs everything from lighting fixtures to bathtubs, bringing your vision to life. Our unique approach of collaborating with our customers ensures the success of every project.

Let us remodel your bathroom without remodeling your budget. We want you to get the most out of your bathroom without compromising aesthetics. Below is a comprehensive list of our services:

  • Assess the space and budget
  • Discuss options and associated costs
  • Create a functional, affordable, and practical design
  • Plan and manage the project
  • Demolish and dispose of the existing structure
  • Station flooring and tiling
  • Install lighting and run electricity
  • Install plumbing
  • Install hot tubs, spas, and more
  • Create custom built-ins
  • Install windows and venting
  • Install showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, counter tops and vanities

Featured Project: Residential Bathroom Remodel







Breunig Bathroom Remodel, Cranford

The Project

The customer's vision was to remodel his bathroom increasing its space and aesthetics. Collaborating with the homeowner, we designed a solution to relocate the tub, toilet and vanity.


8 Days

The Details

Like all of our projects, we started by demolishing the workspace. We were then able to relocate the plumbing supply and drainage lines for the tub, toilet, and vanity. The next step was to address the electrical issues. We replaced all the old wiring with new wiring and a dedicated circuit for the bathroom. Next, we replaced the subfloor, hung the sheetrock, and installed cement board on the floor and shower walls. The inside of the shower was then tiled in a white subway tile with a beveled edge to give the space depth. We added a mosaic strip to add a splash of color. The floor was tiled with a ceramic tile to mimic hardwood. We then installed the vanity, crown molding, shower door and base trim. Finally, we painted. Besides being very complex, this project was completed in only 8 workdays. The project's quality and efficiency were typical of an O'Connor Construction project and a homerun for the homeowner.

Client Quote

...beautiful, clean, timely and meticulous. Amazing!

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